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Thomas Cranmer  

Thomas Cranmer (1489 –1556) was the Archbishop of Canterbury under Henry VIII and author of the first Book of Common Prayer.

Why Cranmer?

“Language carefully crafted is a form of prayer in itself; Cranmer's prayer book continues to inspire and serve as an example.”–Anon

“Cranmer's work on the first Book of Common Prayer began the tradition we still hold of being both catholic and protestant. This breadth of our roots is our firm foundation today, a breadth that renders us unique in the community of Christians.”–Sherry, Priest, Indiana

“One of the things that first drew me to the Episcopal Church was the beauty, thoughtfulness, and simple elegance of the liturgy. Cranmer's genius was not just about liturgy was also about providing a way for Christians with different theological, political, and social beliefs to come together in ‘Common Prayer.’ His idea, I think, was that if you got these folks praying together, and exposed them to a regular, cyclical dose of the Holy Scriptures, there is no way that they won't see that they are all working for the same Kingdom.”– Joe, Director of Christian Formation, Ohio

Did you know?

Major Episcopal/Anglican religious figures include - the Venerable Bede, Dame Julian of Norwich, John Wesley (founder of the Methodist Church), and Samuel Seabury, the first Episcopal Bishop. 

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