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Desmond Tutu


The Most Reverend Desmond Mpilo Tutu (1931- ) is the former Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa.

Why Tutu?

“Tutu is living evidence of Christ's forgiveness and love.” –Anon

“Archbishop Tutu is, for me, the greatest icon of reconciliation since the era of the early church. He represents the capacity of humans to overcome estrangement and peace to triumph over violence. And it is the genius of Anglicanism that he had the space to develop his Mbuntu theology of reconciliation and to implement it.” –Priest and professor

“Desmond Tutu's willingness to speak out against all forms of injustice in various parts of the world exemplifies what it means to be a person of God and a leader of the Church at work in the world. All too often church leaders remain silent in the face of injustice and evil incarnate and thus contribute to the loss of hope for so many of the world's oppressed, the poor economically and in spirit. If we cannot look to those who are anointed to serve Christ, to whom can we look among our brethren?” –Lelanda, Colorado

Did you know?

Tutu was the first black Archbishop of Cape Town. The first woman bishop in the Anglican Communion was Barbara Harris, an African-American.

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