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Richard Hooker  

Richard Hooker (1554 –1600) was the theologian who affirmed the Anglican sources of authority as scripture, tradition, and reason (a.k.a. the three-legged stool).

Why Hooker?

“Shaped a distinctive Anglican approach that steers a course between authority and reason, giving it adaptability to changing cultural situations.”–Anon

“Hooker essentially invented Anglicanism... He also articulated a distinctive liturgical theology that undergirds our life of prayer.”–Priest and professor

“His argument for appeal to scripture tradition and reason is something that has survived the ages. He is also credited with the term ‘Via Media’ or ‘Middle Way’ which means that we are both Protestant and Catholic. We don't need to decide between these two branches of Christendom because we as Anglicans are unique in Christendom in that we are fully a part of both Protestant Christianity and Catholic Christianity.”–College student, Pennsylvania

Did you know?

32% of all U.S. Supreme Court Justices have been Episcopalians, including – Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day O'Connor, and David H. Souter.

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