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N. T. Wright  

Nicholas Thomas Wright (1948 - ) is Bishop of Durham in England and a leading New Testament scholar.

Why Wright?

“Along with Rowan Williams, N. T. Wright is an Anglican theologian for the twenty-first century.”–Small-town attorney, father, and clergy spouse
“Bishop Wright is a man of great holiness, scholarship, and decency. The greatest Anglican thinker of our age.”–Director of Music, Minnesota

“We are blessed to have N. T. Wright in our Church as both a Bishop and a scholar. His work on the historicity of the Resurrection of Christ is amazing, and so critical to our understanding of who Jesus was and is. His many other works are also wonderful in the way that they illuminate and reinforce the core concepts of our shared faith in a way that is somehow both clear and complex. In a world where so many have discarded many of the tenets of traditional Christianity in favor of the ‘next big thing,’ Wright has provided another alternative...a way to embrace these ideas with clarity and integrity.”–Joe, Director of Christian Formation, Ohio

Did you know?

Wright is the most popular theologian on this list.  Other “popular” Episcopalians include Bono, Rosanne Cash, Princess Diana, Moby, Sam Waterston, and Robin Williams.

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