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Henry VIII  


Henry VIII (1491 –1547) was the King of England whose marriage annulment led to the establishment of an independent Church of England. 

Why Henry?

“Say what you will about old Henry, but his actions made the way for the Reformation to take hold in England. The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.” – Joe, Director of Christian Formation, Ohio

“As much as he was a rotten person, his ecclesiastical shenanigans did give us the Church we have today and for that I am very grateful.”–Pam, Tennessee

“Ahh, here is our Anglican conundrum. How do we look at this man?  Despotic, erratic, possibly mentally unstable, rife with contradictions – and yet his political dynastic quest created something far beyond his limited dreams.”–Briony, California

Did you know?

Other influential Episcopal and Anglican reformers and leaders include George Washington, Charles Darwin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and J.P. Morgan.

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Henry VIII
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