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A Web 'Zine By and For Young Adults www.episcorific.org

Episcorific is a low budget, self-published, free-as-a-bird 'zine for and by young adults in their 20s, 30s, and beyond - like you! We started in the Diocese of Texas and now we're going Episco-wide, which means we're looking to hear voices from across the world.

The big idea? As exciting as it is to be a young adult setting out into the future, our lives are just as often hectic and unstable. We know that for many the church is an important site for self-creation - a place to expand the self and let God in. Wouldn't it be great if there was a forum where young Episcopalians could talk about what the church, their prayer books, and their faith means to them as they navigate these choppy waters? With a little help from our friends, a computer, and a photocopier, now there is.

We're printing Episcorific on a seasonal basis so there is always an open call just around the corner. We'd love to hear from you. Fact or fiction, reviews, poems, interviews and horoscopes - we welcome any original written work under 1000 words, as well as black and white artwork.

Check out past issues and upcoming deadlines at www.episcorific.org. Questions, comments, suggestions and submissions can be sent to episcorific@gmail.com.


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Why Serve 2012
6/6/2012  - 6/10/2012    - Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

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