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The Office of Young Adult Ministry has gathered resources that would appeal to both young adults and people who work with young adults. We hope these help. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

Find a Young Adult Ministry
Click above for a list of young adult ministries throughout the Episcopal Church.

Resource Persons
One of the initial actions that came out of the first Young Adult Network meeting in October 2004 in Atlanta, was the decision to set up an informal resource listing. Many of the participants identified and submitted areas of experience/expertise and volunteered to serve as resource contacts.

Articles about Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Voices
In June 2005, the Episcopal Church invited young adults from across the USA to share their opinions about the church. Some of these persons are active in congregational life, some are not, but all share a wellspring of affection for the Episcopal Church and hope for a church more engaged with the gifts that young adults have to offer.

Going Deeper with Three Self-Selected Groups
During the course of a weekend, young adult participants split up into three different self-selected groups that best reflected their current relationship to the church.

Spiritual Direction Resources

The Seekers: Formational Curriculum for Young Adults (16-20 yrs)
The Seekers is an innovative approach to life's journey especially designed for young adults, ages 16-20. This program provides leaders with outlines for discussion and activities that support and guide young adults as they mature and search in Christian faith.

Push It - A Bible Study for Young Adults
This exciting 14–session resource is designed by young adults for young adults as they seek to engage the Bible. The challenges, problems, and issues faced by young adults are evident as they relate to persons in the Bible with similar experiences.

In Dialogue with Scripture
In Dialogue With Scriptureis just one of many resources that can help your congregation develop small groups to build community and help people find themselves, each other, and God in the midst of an ever-changing world.

Disciple: An Outline for an In-depth Journey in Faith
There are people of somewhat serious intent who, looking for a spiritual home, make inquiry about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Very often they ask rather simplistic questions and expect easy answers - with the attitude that one choice or another will not really make all that difference.

Resources for Students


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