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The Office of Young Adult Ministry has gathered resources that would appeal to both young adults and people who work with young adults. We hope these help. If you have any suggestions, please contact us.

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Resource Curricula
Resources for students

Vocational Discernment
By virtue of our baptism we are all called to ministry:  the difficult task is discerning how you can best serve God in God's mission. In the Body of Christ, every member is important. Some are called to leadership, either Lay or Ordained, but we are all called to participate in some way.

Young Clergy/ Seminarians
The number of clergy under the age of 30 is growing more and more every year.  There are many joys and frustrations with being a clergyperson/seminarian in this age group. 

Discerning for Young Adult Ministry: A Guide for Parishes and Dioceses
Kicking off young adult ministry starts with determining what you are called to do in your specific context. These tools were collected to help start that conversation as well a help establish a basic framework for young adult ministry.

Young Adult Ministry Talking Points


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Young Adult Ministry Talking Points


Why Serve 2012
6/6/2012  - 6/10/2012    - Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA

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