Mission Center: Mission Leadership

Wanda Norris

Biographical Information:

Name: Wanda Norris
Age: --
Race/Ethnicity: African American  
Location: Chicago, IL
Field/job: Playground Supervisor



Interview Questions:

  1. What do you believe the Church’s mission is? 
    I believe the mission of the church is to spread the gospel of Christ, minister to the sick, and heal sin sick souls.

  2. How can women, especially young women, contribute to this mission?   
    Women and especially young women can contribute by proclaiming the gospel as living witnesses, sharing the word with their colleagues, and living their lives as daily testaments of Christ.

  3. How are you living out the Church’s mission?
    I am living my life as a spiritual vessel who is openly willing to shares my testament with strangers, the kids I work with, and adults I come in contact with.  I am also fully committed to my faith based organization where I have served as a youth leader for the past 12 years.

  4. How did you first become involved in the Episcopal Church?
    I became involved as a young mother looking for a place to have my 3 month old son baptized. I met a priest not too far from my house who wouldn’t baptize my son because he wanted the father and me to get married.  Because that was impossible during that that time and because I desperately wanted salvation for my child I sought another parish who welcomed me, an unwed young parent, with open arms and we have attended there since. 

  5. What makes you want to stay involved in the church?  Why does it hold your interest/why do you keep going back?
    I am involved because God has led me to a place of peace and joy. I am able to commune with fellow believers and worship our God despite everything going on in the outside world.  My interest is held as I become closer to trusting and deeper in my following of a God, who has never failed me, and will never leave me.

  6. What would make you leave?
    Nothing could ever make me leave a place that promises eternal life, which is what I am living for now.

  7. What are your concerns for or about the church?  And how would you improve it?
    My concerns mainly are that we as a church have gotten away from ministering to the lost. The enemy has obstacles on every venue and we as Christians have to trust God more and worry less.  We need more support from the top in funding outreach ministries.

  8. What are your thoughts about the Episcopal liturgy or worship style in regards to the feminine vs. masculine depictions of God? 
    None, really.

  9. In what ways has the church, as an institution, ever encouraged or discouraged you, as a woman, in living out your faith convictions?
    I am strong in my convictions and not easily discouraged.

  10. What advice would you give other young women in the church? 
    Trust God and don’t be afraid to step out on faith. Share your beliefs with others without worrying about what they’ll think about you.

  11. Do you have any suggestions on how the church could better engage, encourage and empower women?
    Support their endeavors and allow their presence in male dominated positions.

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