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Emily Beal

Biographical Information:

Name: Emily Beal
Age: 24
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: New York, NY
Field/job: Episcopal Intern



Interview Questions:

  1. What do you believe the Church’s mission is? 
    I believe that the church’s mission is about GRACE.  It’s about loving everyone (regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, age, etc....) and not expecting anything in return. It’s about fighting for justice and peace and the rights of every person.  It is about grace, about loving...

  2. How can women, especially young women, contribute to this mission?   
    Well, anyone can live out this mission by loving their neighbors, by forgiving, by fighting for justice and peace, but I guess women in particular can live out this mission by encouraging other women to respect themselves and to care for themselves, their community and others.

  3. How are you living out the Church’s mission?
    I am trying to live out what I believe to be the churches mission in everything I do. I want to live a life in which I am living my life as Jesus did, as much as I can. I do this by showing compassion and love to people I meet and know, by forgiving, by helping others, by loving myself and attempting to fulfill the dreams Christ has for me.

  4. How did you first become involved in the Episcopal Church? 
    I grew up in the Episcopal Church.  I was baptized as a baby and as a teenager became very involved in youth group and mission trips.

  5. What makes you want to stay involved in the church?  Why does it hold your interest/why do you keep going back?
    I LOVE the Episcopal Church. I have always enjoyed my youth groups and I love that the church is always changing and moving forward. I love that I feel like my church is welcoming to everyone and anyone, I love that the Episcopal Church ordains women and blesses same sex couples. I have been inspired and uplifted in my faith through the Episcopal Church. I could go on and on...

  6. What would make you leave?
    Not much! The only way I would leave is if I found a church that was as open and feeds me as spiritually as the Episcopal Church has. Since I grew up in the Episcopal Church sometimes I feel like I should look into other denominations and decide why I am really a member of this church, but so far I have been so fulfilled and happy that I have not really thought of any reason to leave. I always enjoy going to services with friends of other denominations but have not found any other church I would rather be a part of as of yet.

  7. What are your concerns for or about the church?  And how would you improve it?
    I am incredibly concerned about the split over gay blessings/rights/ordination/etc within the church. I believe Christ loves everyone, regardless of how they live their lives or their sexual orientation. It just makes me incredibly sad that there are people who truly do not believe in gay rights or the rights of women, etc. How can you be a Christian and not love everyone? It's upsetting to think that the Episcopal Church could split over something that seems so straight forward.

  8. What are your thoughts about the Episcopal liturgy or worship style in regards to the feminine vs. masculine depictions of God? 
    I have been very lucky to worship in a church this year that has used inclusive language, however, I think there is still a lot of work to be done in ridding the church of the masculine depictions of God. The Church I grew up in was progressive. From a young age I remember having female and gay clergy, however the language at that particular church is still predominately male orientated.

  9. In what ways has the church, as an institution, ever encouraged or discouraged you, as a woman, in living out your faith convictions?
    I have always felt encouraged as a woman to live out my faith convictions. I have been surrounded by strong inspiring female leaders of the church and am SO inspired by Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori. I think that she is such a wonderful role model for women in the church. I have been told that it is harder for women to find work in a parish and sometimes worry that after ordination, I may be hit with more difficulties than I am expecting...

  10. What advice would you give other young women in the church?
    Look for strong female role models, create bonds, and be active in the church and its activities.

  11. Do you have any suggestions on how the church could better engage, encourage and empower women?
    I have been very impressed with the work the church has been doing, especially with bringing young Anglican women together from around the world for the UN Commission on the Status of Women. However, I am sure that there is always more that can be done, on individual parish levels there should be more groups for women, particularly for young women.

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